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Classical Ballet

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Classical ballet is one the highest forms of dance. This form of ballet is eighty years old and was established in Russia by the great ballerina and teacher Agrippa Vaganova. Vaganova selected the best aspects of the various styles from French and Italian ballet and integrated them into a coherent system based in classical movement, which is nowadays called the classical ballet.

Classical ballet lessons start with stretching, continue with exercises at the fixed barre, with the aim to gain balance and posture. Classical ballet lessons place emphasis on fine and gross motor skills development, coordination, balance and listening the rhythm. 


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Rhythmics is a playful fitness program created for preschoolers, years 3-6. Different sport games and psychical exercises are interacted with fun activities. Children develop general motor skills, socializing and communication skills, and gain new knowledge. Rhythmics is a program where your child learns basic and more complex coordination, balance, flexibility, and sense of rhythm.

Jazz dance

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Jazz dance is modern dance technique that is, like most other modern dance techniques, based on the technique of classical ballet. The main difference is that there is freer movement with "relaxed" elements. When performing jazz dance movements every part of the body moves independently, isolated from rest of the body.

Break dance

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Break dance is an urban discipline of dance originated in the United States at the end of the seventies. Dance that incorporates elements of acrobatics, footwork, freezone, connected to a common whole dance component . Dance is recommended as for adults as for children. Consecrate the body and develops artistic expression...

Flamenco for children

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Flamenco for children is taking children to the magical world of Spanish rhythms. A magical world with beautiful colourful dresses, flamenco shoes, fans and castanets brings a wide smile on every child's face. Each flamenco lesson brings a wonderful little taste of Seville to the dance room. In each flamenco dance lesson children learn new attractive dance steps followed by interesting choreography, and this all make them feel like real flamenco dancers!